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Having Faith

But they should let you in.its just two marks. Am sorry Sir, we don't do things like that here..We stand for integrity.

How happy was I to hear that. My eyes still on Sandra, I could only think of how sorry I was for her.Now she has to go find a uni or wait an extra year.
Here comes her parents.Hope they react not too bad as mine did.

Sandra how was it?.How did you perform??..

I scored 98% mom and did the oral interview. They said they needed a recommendation letter from daddy.
Then what are you waiting for?. Get a sheet of paper.can I borrow your pen please.That question thrown to my sister's husband.How ironic.

See the girl you talking to, she passed.98% for that matter.The next words coming out of his mouth.
What???....she passed???...still not able to close my mouth.Now I truly feel sad.At the verge of bursting into real tears.

Why would she let me blab on and on about failing with pride.She must be thinking am now one dull boy who couldn't pass 120 objective questions.

This is bad,,, Real bad..So what has been the point of trying to get her digits.
I must get into this school.How dare she make a mockery of me.


You should see how I rebelled. I have been deprived wearing of Jean and phone back in my secondary school not to mention the ultimate prize.Casting my eyes on a woman.Now they want me to go to a school where am allowed to look but dare not to touch [my definition of torture].

All tantrums thrown by me could not swerve the decision to my favour. What more can a brother do than purposely fail the exam.

That's how I found myself on the next flight to lagos. Since I couldn't get into Uniben, I Was allowed to pick a second choice which was Amadu Bello University.

The drive to be far away from home and be closest to my Kilishi meat was all I needed.

Preparation was not easy. Uyi go read your books, Uyi, Covenant University is not beans. better leave the T.V and the computer alone.Infact, let's have your phone.You would get it when you have finally written the exam.

O boi, even for my Waec, Neco, GCE Waec, GEC Neco, TOEFL and SAT[and Yes. I wrote all the exams known.since Uniben was not an option again and one year had to be spent at home], my folks wanted to keep my mind sharp in order to make first batch into the prestigious school they thought.

Who am I not to play along.I needed them to feel I was excited and committed in order not for good things to be withheld from me.

In a blink of an eye, the day of the exam came with speed.I have heard lots about this school and I needed to see what the big deal was.
Uyi are you ready, did you cover all the areas required??..

Please can we just go and let me be done with this thing...Been patient is not my strong suit.I hate exams.They are just like injections. Nerves rising before that sharp piercing of the needle, Give me drugs please.

My friends, I was never prepared for the sight that awaited me.
Right from the front gate of the school, my mind was blown away.All reasoning flew out of the window. Never have I been in a place so beautiful. Some crazy architectural buildings and neatness of the highest order.I literally could not see a grain of sand on the road nor dirty just lying un-attended to.

And for my ultimate prize, a collection of girls so beautiful that I felt I was not in Nigeria anymore.
Too bad I had already made up my mind to fail this exam.It was too late to have a change of heart now.

If you could follow us please, the exam hall is this way.You would have an hour and thirty[1hr30mins] to answer all questions.Pick a computer of your choice. Point to note please, the cutoff mark is fifty(50%).Get it and you in for the oral interview.

Just before stepping in, one of the student and the prettiest girl I had ever seen in my life walked up to me. Your name please...Uyi but you could call me Steven.I would hate for you to bite your tongue.

Smiling, she whispered quietly. Goodluck Steven. You would love it here.

All I could think about right from that moment to the point of been faced with a system, was who must have sent this one.

A YOoung Man's Faith

I have had numerous of challenges..hell no..numerous of
problems would perfectly paint the situation am in..A solid
example would be like the one staring me in the face with
no intention of blinking.

Right from my secondary school days, I had told God two
(2) things with my deepest faith I could muster as at that
1...I was never going to write a mock exam
2...I was going into a university where 90% of the students
where totally rich....where the school fees was tremendous
and u could differentiate the wealthy from the average..
Now this I should clear family wasn't all that
wealthy but we had everything we wanted[peace of mind in

I never imagined far away from earth's grip...A higher
power was listening with rapt attention
During my time in school in a class literally known to the
world as SS2, my dad felt the nid to transfer me to a
different college...

I literally got vexed and decided to rebel against it.little
did I know that this was totally going to be to my benefit
A little down the path to my story, I had no need to take
a mock exam before gearing up for my waec.

Infact the school totally abolished mock exam for that year with no
visible explanation for the decision taken
Enquired from my loyal friends from my previous school,
they all said every student was being forced to participate
in a mock exam...Right then I knew one of my absurd
request had been answered.

My choice of university was no ordinary from the average
student whoever Schooled in Benin City..
Uniben has been a feeling of pride to me..d state of the
art buildings, the free will of students to live off campus
and the number of prominent men and ladies she had
produced from her bowels.

But this couldn't align with my second request..A whooping
eighty-five (85) percent could not be deemed as
wealthy..But my burning desire to stay off campus, cut
away from the entire world and buried in my own solitude
outweighed my second wish...

But am old enough to know d law of attraction or a higher
power [which I totally belive Is God] makes a habit of
making situations deemed impossible a thing of a

Just like every other morning I have woken up to for the
past 18 years of my life, got a call from my sister in lagos
asking how I fancied being a part of the best school in the
world[in ha opinion and anyone who cares to listen].
Been lost completely I said you mean Harvard ...

Chuckled a bit she replied no silly, Covenant University.
Need I say this was a topic frequently discussed in

Like an aged man telling a midnight story encompassed with children roundabout in a night flame..
No jeans, no cell phones, all day Church activities and the
most piercing one, one couldn't pair with the opposite
sex...that just placed a hole in my boat..spent alot of time
in a boarding house of the same sex, i needed a
change..cast a glance at a woman, admire her skin and
run a finger through her spin..Totally unacceptable in
where she wanted me to spend the next five years of my