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Everyday I Wake Up!

Sad Poetry

Everyday i wake up
Stare at the mirror
And convince myself
Never to love again

The trauma of one's heart
Shattering into a million pieces
Is a burden no one should bear.

The silent screams of pain
Piercing into the very core of my soul
Making me bleed profusely
Has blackened my heart
Thickened my emotions
And made me hostile to feelings

Not proud of what I have become
But you made me so

How could you?
I loved you deeply
I gave up the world for you

You were all I cared about
Your happiness was my daily job
And one I never planned of quitting
I guess that wasn't enough

Years passed
And many more I had planned out
Just to be with you
Stay by your side
Cuddle with you night and day
And never leave you wanting

But you just couldn't wait.

Was I too kind?
Was I too romantic and cheesy?
Did my affections for you make you sick?

Don't you dare answer
You have done much harm
and it would be the death of me

You deserve all the credits
Carefully sucking out the joy in my Life
Is quite a skill to admire
Many have tried but failed woefully

You made it happen effortlessly
Not a drop of tear broke from those pretty eyes

I guessed you never loved me
Am sorry it took you four years
To figure that out.