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How Much Value Does your smartphone Retain After Purchase?

Hey Fam,

One curious question please.

How many old phones do you have around the house? 2, 3...more?

As Nigerians purchase each new smartphone that is released, the value of the phones they're replacing is plummeting.

Today our smartphones are losing their value much faster than just about anything else we purchase, and some phones depreciate faster than others.
According to the website,
Android devices don't hold value well at all.

Mobile Phones
Even the most popular ones. The Samsung Galaxy S5 lost half of its value within just 2 months of its release, but that isn't as bad as the HTC One M9, which lost 65 percent of its value in one month.
htc smartphones
HTC Phones
A big reason for the drastic depreciation in Android devices is there are so many phones to choose from. That drives down the price of older models.

Since iPhones are released just once a year, they hold their value better.
A year and a half after its release, the iPhone 6 still holds about 55 percent of its retail value, while the now-ancient iPhone 4 retains almost 40 percent of its value.

The iPhone 5 on the other hand, according to, lost 66 percent of its value within 8 months because the iPhone 5S was released soon after.

The sooner you sell an old device, the more you'll make from it. You can put it up for sale on jiji, Ebay or Amazon, or sell it to or You'll get cash, but not as much as you'd like.

unlimited is another option. You can trade in your phone to get credit in their store for things like bluetooth headsets, chargers and cases. No cash, but the buyback price is substantially larger than you'll get anywhere else.

If trade-in value is important to you, then iPhones are a better deal, but keep in mind, new phones coming out now are not always that much better than the previous model.

It's not a bad idea to hold on to a phone like you hold onto a great car.