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Falling In Love.


 It's being a while I wrote something. Almost forgotten how I get my muse. Luckily, I found a new way...

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More of life
Less of love
More of facts
Less of infatuation.

Words of Advice
They say,
Be smart
They say.
You too young Steven
Step off that podium
It holds nothing but heartbreaks

It sucks all your emotions in
And leaves you stranded at will.

Luckily, am not you Sir.

Falling in love is a beauty to admire
Perfection dripping from one's  bones
Sweet sensations running through your spine
An Art carefully sculptured to marvel
*The Monalisa of all feelings*.

Once in a while, I drown myself in this beauty
Get lost in her world
And totally forget reality.
Once in a while, I never want to come out.

What's there not to like?
The flawless skin embedded on an angel
Or the sweet savour oozing from her eyes
Oh wait!
I know.
The charismatic personality she portrays.

Am lost in your world Miss
Keep me here till eternity
It won't matter
Nothing truly matters.

We all get to live once
Arguably Love once
But most definitely die once.

Lie beside me
Feed me with tales of old
Stories of the men lost in your bossom
Definitely not a bad way to go.

So this is Me
Choosing my path
My believes
However filled with thorns,
I have no intention of spending it any other way.


Am sorry
Those words are used 
More times than any
But you deserve more than "am sorry" 

I have hurt you
In ways I can barely imagine
I try to do the best I can
But my best only seems 
To get matters worst 

I love you
And I don't want to loose you
You perfect in every way 
From your hair to your lips,
From your cheeks to your hips.

I apologise alot
Not something am proud off
But very necessary 
If am to hold onto you. 

So here it is
Am sorry.
Deep down
Am truly sorry!

A Poem To You Miss..

Miss Fraih
This is strange
I never get goose bumps from just a pic

Never been eager to gain approval
From a lady
I try to hold all cards
But not this one

You different from the rest
You have taken control
And I can't get it back

My heart skips
Just to see you type

You care for people
Way more than I could

If am allowed to dream
I imagine you speaking
Whispering words only I can hear.

Not many people know true talent
And fewer could appreciate it.

But I do
Every bit of you is pure talent
You beautiful
And smart
Caring and calm
Traits that are truly hard to come by

You think you suck @ making friends??
So not true.
You perfect.

Am glad I met you.
Am glad fate picked me

Nothing could be more divine
Than me stumbling unto your pic