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My Sweet Revenge!

I have seen a lot of this thread created but never believed I would experience it firsthand..

Is true that this is a very small world and our past keeps track of us even if we have no idea.

Am going make this really brief mainly because I never thought it would happen.

In 2014, I was robbed(picked-pocket) to be precise on my way to buy petrol for my gen..This dude came up to me and acted like we knew each other way back. Of course I had no idea who this mad man was but since the environment was a little bit crowded, I felt no need to make a fuse. So I humbly told the guy to free me.

Been the tush boy I was from covenant uni, screaming, yelling and any form of rebellion had been stripped from me..

Totally forgetting my iPad(mini) was in one of my back pockets,
my wallet and fone in the next, I was getting angry that this tout was still insisting he had seen me before.

Before i could say jack, I was been held by the waist and dragged from one point to the another by this psycho..

Right there I knew this matter has entered into another realm entirely..You should see how I provoked for the guy..Even me was scared of myself.

He finally apologised then entered into a bike that was already waiting for him..From that moment I felt lighter. My pockets seems to hold no weight anymore. I knew instantly my iPad was gone...

See me running after the bike like it wasn't petrol I intended to buy some few minutes ago.

To cut the long story short, this morning..And I mean the 18th of January 2016, just some few months shy from making it 2yrs now, I decided to go withdraw money from my account in a Gtbank closest to my house.

Like usual, I pay no soul attention when am on the queue.
With both ears stucked with headphones and blasting away some Rnb or country music, I noticed a familiar face just two steps away from me.

My God. This same dude from way back. Who forgets a face after passing through that ordeal?. Certainly not me.

I wanted to just stab him in the neck and let him bleed knowing fully the crime he committed.

To make matters worst, he left both persons separating us and came to ask me for my pen. I just couldn't stop but stare at him with the meanest eye I have ever had.

Even the crowd felt something was up..Then I heard one lady stylishly saying "na pen he ask you for no be your withdrawal money"

I did give him the pen sha but silently praying he choked on it(have no idea how).But I guess diverse miracles happens in this end time that we in.

But I should thank him. I guess. Without him, I wouldn't have gotten my phone that I have been using up to a year now and a brand new IPad.

Finally, I believe is ideal we present ourselves in the best manner possible because this world is way too small to stay hidden from every action we take during the course of our stay on this earth.