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Self Discovery

Am a writer
Off course I am
I pride myself of been poetic
Invading the minds of my subjects
Leaving all spellbound
While they beg for more

With Hearts torn open.
Feelings spread across the floor
Thoughts gushing out
The very window to the mind open
I try not to bleed my *heart out*

But My quill is moving
Ink spilling
Blood flowing
Definitely no better feeling

My life is an open book
Tales rolling out
Secrets rising from the ground
Nothing holds me bound

So this is Me
Hidden beyond bare eyes
But receptive to clearer minds

If you want to know me,
Please read my thoughts
But Pay more heed to my words.

Your Comfort Zone. Thoughts When You Step Into It

One topic flowing through my mind is this imaginary world known as "my comfort zone"

There's a ton of talk about stepping outside your comfort zone and pursuing your dreams.

But what happens if we don't do that? What happens if we allow fear, worry, current reality, and ego to make our decisions?

What does stepping back into your comfort zone look like? While it looks different for everybody. We all know how it feels.

It feels stale. It feels old. It isn't exactly how you picture your life to look. You'll start to agree with those who put down your original plan to step outside of the comfort zone.

Maybe, even get along with everyone better. Your life isn't the topic of conversation anymore. In fact, nobody's bugging you about your decisions because you're not doing anything risky.

Each day is a repeat of the day before, and the week before. You're not happy with yourself, and you're starting to develop regrets. But I guess at least you're liked right? Except you don't even like yourself.

Sounds familiar? It's because we've all faced this. No matter our backgrounds, we've all faced that fork in the road.

If you're waiting for your family, friends, job, or something outside of you to approve your next step, then say hello to being stuck in the comfort zone.

Only you can give yourself that permission. Step out and Make it Happen,

Do you remember a time when you stepped out of your comfort zone? How did it make you feel?

Feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.