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Wellness Is A Mindset! Relationships And The Conflict Mindset

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Relationship Goals

Relationships are integral to humanity. No one exists without it. We are all tied, in one way or the other, in a relationship.

And in any relationship, there exists conflict. At often times conflict becomes one of our life's greatest nemeses.

But we do have power over our own reactions towards conflicting situations. Are we willing to exercise that power? That is a different matter that may need resolve.

You know what they say, "birds of the same feathers flock together". What if two same-feathered birds end up wringing each others' necks in due course because of some misunderstanding? Ok, that is pretty extreme.

Let's try another example - gentler. What if two same-feathered birds end up not speaking to each other in due course because of a big misunderstanding? And then the other says things about the other and vice versa, and the situation worsens upon being confronted because irretrievable words have already been spoken against each other and the anger cycle goes on and on.

This example is common to many, if not to all. So what makes conflict more conflicting? How do we set our thought patterns when confronted with conflict? A few elements may contribute to obtaining healthy personal resolutions whether you are directly or indirectly involved in a relationship conflict:

1. You cannot give what you do not have. If hatred is all you give, hatred is all you have. Open your optimism towards the situation and towards the person/people concerned and look for reasons as to why they are acting that way toward you.

2. Treasure what is being revealed to you. Whether it is at your favor or not - especially when not. Gain understanding and broaden your mind. When done, you get a more positive sense of well-being and that affects the way you approach the situation.

3. Humbly accept a fault. This is one of the hardest parts in conflict resolutions especially when conversations have already become heated. Objectively look at the causes and results of the situation and then aim to learn and grow up.

4. Talk less. Enough said.

5. When greatly offended, give. Four times. Four-give. Then repeat seventy times seven times. (Matt. 18:22) This is not always a blissful walk in the park and is mostly easier said than done. This is where we seek for humility and open-heartedness and ask God to change our hearts.

The elements discussed above are self-directive. It is because in most cases, when in conflicting situations, it is ourselves we mostly fail to take a closer look at.

If hatred or anger persists, a more professional perspective might be required. There may be deeper rooted causes to deep seated anger that only gets lashed out on varying situations and people of no relevant concern but that they simply came at the time when you are facing a battle no one actually knows about. Do not hesitate to reach out to people you know can help before things worsen.

Wellness is a mindset. It is well.

A Bleeding Soul

A Bleeding Soul
Had a friend (a girl to be specific). Miss Oyoma.The smartest one in the bunch.Could never beat her when it comes to academics, charity and humility.
what didn't I try.Let me rephrase. What didn't we all try.

She taught me everything I know and how to be competitive.
Fight for your place in life she would say but

 remember is not a crime if you don't make it in your first try. Do hold this very words dearly "Never give up in life"

I wish those were the last words you said to me. No, I wish you never said a last word to me. That way I could get to keep you around. Sit by your feet and bath in your knowledge.

But you had to go. Leave me stranded in a world filled with questions.
The least I could do is pick myself up by my bootstraps and walk in your shadows hoping one day I get to stand tall, shoulders held high and tell the world you made me this man I am today.

I believe that day is today. You deserve this tears  miss.

How do I say this
How do I bleed my soul to you
Would have been alot easier if you were here

Guiding me through every trial
Every laughter bringing me closer to hope
Your gentle smile

Echoing a thousand words
Screaming the very same words you taught me
"Never give up in life"

I needed you to live long
I needed you to stay a thousand years
And live a thousand lives

Was the only way the world could be safe
To fully experience your gifts
Making every individual feel special

Though I can't hug you anymore
Or tickle you and wait for that ever charming smile
I know for certain you are always with me

Watching from above
Guiding my steps
whispering those same words
"Never give up in life"