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Great Ways To Surprise A Nigerian Wife/Spouse

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Knowing your Partner in Marriage

Surprises are the best, which is why everyone loves them…especially Nigerian women! Little bits of surprises tell the person that they are worth a little bit of planning and show that you care. The surprise does not have to mark a holiday or her birthday, it also It doesn’t have to be too big or expensive as Nigerian women are not essentially materialistic. It should come from the heart.
If you are in Nigeria or you are currently married to a Nigerian wife, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal shares a few ideas to help you surprise the love of your life and not break the bank.
Give her a “just because” gift

You live with her, you know what she likes and most of all, you must have heard her expressed a desire for a particular thing that she is unable to get for herself. Get her a gift out of the blues! It could be the thing she wanted or just something you know she needs, like a new pair of sunglasses she has not yet picked up since breaking her last pair, or something you know she will enjoy like ice cream cake from cold stone creamery. Nigerian women like to know that their husband listens to them and think about them when they are apart. Buying her something on your own, for no particular reason proves that.
Bring her Lunch at work

No need to feel alarmed, you do not necessarily have to cook the lunch. You can just stop by her favorite restaurant and buy her favorite food or get something she has been craving for a while. It all will take very little time to execute and deliver. You can decide to also move you break time so that you can take you lunch break with her. It may be a small surprise, but it would make a difference in her day. She will surely love the opportunity to post a picture of such a romantic deed by her husband on Instagram or upload the story on Snapchat.

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Give her public praise
Nigerian women generally like to be acclaimed and appreciated publicly. Just as sending lunch to her workplace will build her self-esteem and help her see you in a softer light. Praising her in public, like getting a radio station to dedicate a song to her or posting a love letter on her Facebook wall will do the same, especially when she hears others commending your actions or repeating your words back to her.
Plan a weekend getaway
You can never go wrong with a weekend get-away. Even if you cannot afford to take her to a 5-star hotel, if you are in Lagos or Abuja, or one of the exotic destinations within the country like Tinapa or Obudu resorts, the mere fact that you thought to spend alone time with her is enough to get her heart flipping. You can book a budget hotel, a low maintenance way to experience the benefits of time away without emptying your bank account. The key thing is to lavish her with a romantic evening and a leisurely breakfast and let someone else do all the chores for those days. If want to add more fun to the getaway, you could decide to camp together on a rock at Ogun state or Jos or go on a long weekend road trip together. She will be thrilled by the prospect.

What Won't I Give Up For You

Relationship Goals
This is a short poem written to the very first girl that stole my heart.Never the type to believe in love. Always felt it belonged to the married couples, the grown ups.

Love has no place for the youth. The exact words I told myself.

Not until I meant Chiamaka.

A goddess in human form and in a teenager's body. Feelings never felt before nor could I ever explain ran through my spine

accompanied with feverishly sensations.

What could be wrong??..Was I coming down with something or was it the general expression of developing cold feets I have heard a thousand times.

I may not have the answers . But this am clearly sure of. No one has ever made me feel this way. Keeping me on edge with every turn and twist of your seductive body.

I hope this short poetry could make you notice me and bring me out of my total awkwardness.

People speak of fate and meeting people of chance
Finding of soul mates and love at first glance.
Alignment of planets Shooting stars up above

Fullness of the moon and pairs of white doves....
I’ve never taken stock In these symbols and signs.
But having met you proved I’d been blind.

Poets write of hearts eternal devotion Flames of desire
And new found emotion.
Love ever lasting a lifetime of bliss.

Heaven here on Earth the passion of a kiss.
I’ve never found valid these words foolishly penned.
Then you graced my presence and proved me wrong again

Singers sing of heartache and the one that got away.
Internal emptiness pain that still remains.
Missed opportunities the hollowness of night.

Paths that never cross timing that wasn't right.
I never dreamed those songs Could ever ring so true.
Until I thought of life without ever knowing you.