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Am sorry
Those words are used 
More times than any
But you deserve more than "am sorry" 

I have hurt you
In ways I can barely imagine
I try to do the best I can
But my best only seems 
To get matters worst 

I love you
And I don't want to loose you
You perfect in every way 
From your hair to your lips,
From your cheeks to your hips.

I apologise alot
Not something am proud off
But very necessary 
If am to hold onto you. 

So here it is
Am sorry.
Deep down
Am truly sorry!

Hearts Entwined in Poetry

For many years
I felt alone
in this small part of the world
I’ve called my home

Had the ability
to rhyme and write
But I kept my poems
out of sight

People down here
they see me as tough
a pillar of strength
when life gets rough

They don’t know that
when I’ve had enough
I hide and write
and turn to mush

Locked away words
to never share
Didn’t really think
anyone would care

Then one fine day
I found you here
A world of poets,
and Diarylanders so rare
I posted and was welcomed
by Seun

AnneMomoh and MissBiba
made my day
Joanee and Adeh39
urged me on forward

Mhizpeaarl and MzMayD
caught my attention

Two years passed
I sort of got bored
Then I got involved
in the Romance section

Scared at first
but then started to grin
Somehow in there
I fit right in
Found myself writing
more and more
Reading other’s diaries,poems and stories
I came to adore
their words and their hearts
their spirit and their minds
I realized
I had finally found my kind

There’s Estharfabian,
a great friend and crush
Her words are music to one's ears

Laveda and Fraih-
I hold both dearly in
a special place in my heart
Their thoughts on life and kindness
Makes me only think of doing Good

lalasticlala, I adore
moderator of the forums
First person in the world
You could bank on
To push your topics to front page

Sweet misspetit
whose real name is still unknown
She’s so rightfully named
and oh so much fun

There’s mamagee3
So giving to us all
Even though I still don't believe
Any of her thread

Miss Oliviaarims, I love
She makes me feel better
When my back’s against a wall
The Truth she does do Follow
Read her words
when your soul feels hollow

Sis Carnations, too
Really makes me smile
The things that she says
makes me think for awhile

Kimeto, tohpahz
Only wish I could see more of you two
Your threads are mind blowing

Then there is Smellymouth
And his well crafted memes
Only right to say
He is the clown of the entire forum

who’s Shadow is Cool
Writes poems of love
that make women drool

Who can forget *Tosyne2much*
The top ten(10) specialist
Seems to know more about women
Than God who created them

Sweet "ireneony"
Would have picked you
To be my second wife
But you created a thread for Tosyne2much
Only means you taken

To the beautiful @Feyikemi12
All the way from Ibadan
Still finding it difficult to say hello
Probably because of the cold feets I get
Anytime I sneak into your profile

A special line to ||mytime24||
Where have you been all my life
I guess hiding in the dark corners of NL
It's time to come out miss

The beautiful Keisha writer
with her songs of love
Truly must be
an angel from above

Most expensive ■peemyke■
Her beauty surpasses that of an angel
Miss Nairaland should be your prize
O wait!
That belongs to Oliviaarims

Sis ♡KweenSisan♡
to everyone a friend
She’ll pray for you
and help your soul mend

The famous ☆mimzy☆
she’s like a mother
to most of our young
sisters and brothers

Who can resist
Her caring ways

With a fighter’s twist
*Mrcork or ClassCaptain*
He has a great sense of humor
Plays the best game of golf
Mrcork, was that a rumor?

Need we say more?
Be ready to leave
Your heart at her door

Cru-zita, HateU2, sinaj■
A combination of Three powerful ladies
Still not sure of cruzita's gender tho

Was never going to leave out [Adasun]
Annoying most times
But he is part of the family
At least for the main time

Always first to comment
Not anymore
Buhari's change
Must have stopped data flow

So many poets/thread makers
I could go on
But then this would be
a never ending song

If I missed you
It's only because you way too deep
In my heart

Sometimes I picture
us all sitting together
Sharing and laughing
Throwing rhymes at each other
Poets and friends
and birds of a feather

When I see you in Glory
We shall dine together
For you have all
truly done your part
Written your words
inside my heart

Today I can say
I hope we’ll always be
forever hearts entwined
in poetry and on nairaland