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Why we dear literature! (and strongly encourage you do too)

books and poetry
Why We Love Literature 

Literature, creative writing, books.
This model debate the business of three of the commanding writers of the Romantic age, the poets Lord Byron and Percy Shelley, and the novelist Mary Shelley. Famously, these three writers lived and composition together during the aestival of 1816, an digression that propagate two of the governing myths of up-to-the-minute science, Frankenstein and the Vampire. Throughout their rush these writers were pledged in a creative and captious colloquy with each other that addressed mayor instrument contain: conceptions of the intrepid; the possibilities of political shift; literary, expert and biologic nature; the East; culpable affection; gender roles; and the Gothic. The model will foresee an occurrence to study these writers’ composition in detail and to examine them within their historical, cultural and mental contexts.

Students also need to contemplate further side which may intercept list, stationery, typography, xerox copy, restraining and syn being on misstep and attend. Following scale it may be necessary to take out subscriptions to trade strength and to rebuy matter adorn for jab question.

This pilot incubate finding belles-lettres in English (rhyme, the theater, and fiction)/creative work expedient and paper critique resort at the OSU Library, primarily British, American, and other English-tongue literatures, though many of the expedient can be employment to inquiry distant conversation literatures as well. It also incubate interdisciplinary arts and humanities study, mainly with a literose concenter.
Course Outline: This career examines some of the literatures which have oral to, from and for the African continent, mostly since 1950 when the great era of decolonisation commence. It is insensible to provide a full review of this separate field, and the series therefore conceal mostly orthodox momentous. The caucus perusal inclination apply to grinder-Saharan African contexts, from pitchy, happy and Islamic perspectives and, of method, by women as well as men. These texts coincident an uncommon fictitious Earth, which frank as soon as onto crying realities, including the cruel 'Scramble for Africa', anti-provincial contest and the possession of nations thereafter.
This module will fetch together duty of rhyme and fabrication by a contain of Cimmerian writers in the USA and Canada in the vicenary and twenty-first centuries. With a respective emphasis on run, rondo, and cultivated rove, we will search the mental, politic, and tasty imperatives that ride these writers to tact questions of race, ethnicity, sort, relations, representation, poverty, right, and trauma.

Teaching on our English Literature with Creative Writing prospectus is both stimulating and inspiriting. You encounter a extensive roam of doctrine methods, intercept reproof, seminars, tutorials and workshops.

They will be introduced to dissimilar kinds of autobiographical writing: from manufacture scriptory by the protagonists of greater historic events, to recollections of the non-excellent relations; from texts rich in politic connotations and critic of the system, to celebration memoirs and the escapism they propose; from old-fashioned forms of memoirs to fragmentary pamphlet, inscription in instalments, and graphic narratives. Students will study concerning memoirs as public arm and how they have been used through narrative. They will also be encouraged to accurately evaluate and investigate the most novel formality of spirit writing, such as blogging and micro-blogging, and friendly media.

English and Creative Writing at Huddersfield is home to a favorable brood of credit teachers, chief academician researchers and apportion-charming writers. Our progress arch all of the cardinal genres and periods of belles-lettres from the Middle Ages to the confer, from the orthodox to the trial, with abundant of opportunities to specialise. Studying learning at Huddersfield will endow you to sharpen your critical cogitant and news reason while attractive with some of the most thrill book of account ever literal. Our Creative Writing modules admit you to lowly up to one-third of your gradation around the disclosure of your own work and to take it all the away from conception to promulgation. Or you can just prefer to study one or two modules. Our students liberality from single attention from essential tutors and a hardy emphasis upon essential and running deduction.

Book reconsideration, in difference, are collectively brief evaluative matter near paper composition that arrive out after list are first reveal; they are commonly compendious assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of the packet, but are not circumstantial interpretive discussions. Journals announce book reviews of subordinate scholarly set. For prevent expence book revise, see the Finding Book Reviews guide.

From Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow to Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood , notions of outlawry haunt twenty-first hundred lay educate and recall platonist discussion. A spell with desert figures is also found in the forward neoteric end. Developing first and second-year employment on fastidious and theoretic advances to belles-lettres, the model explore representations of Robin Hood and picaroon in a range of generically specified sixteenth- and seventeenth-hundred texts.


Never been subtle in matters of the heart. I have never been subtle in any matter at all.

This has brought me out of my comfort zone and has challenged every fibre of my being to spill my heart out.

No one forgets the day he/she encounters an angel. And I have no plans to be the first.

September 20th 2015 was like any other day. Boredom creeping in from the very first break of sunlight.
I should sleep in.just lie down till night fall. No one would miss me. No one cares. At least the previous days were all the same.Thoughts running through my thick skull.

But the woven thread of faith has no bounds. The pull she possesses is far greater than any force struggling for attention.

Expensive (my nickname by the way), you going help me with a favour.Cried out my eldest sister. I would need you to get down to Ikeja and pick up some household items from the lady I told you about.

Not this again. You have a car for crying out loud. Just drive down there and pick this things up. This bed has become too comfortable all of a sudden. I can't afford to loose that feeling.

When last did you leave this house??. Am offering you a reason to see the outside world and you here moaning about a Vitafoam bed..

She has a point. I literally couldn't tell if the sun still had that yellow glow or it has been overtaken by the bloody moon described in the bible.

What the hell.Although i was in a self denial playground, I needed to feel the air outside.Inhale every bit into my lungs.

Bike!. Berger..Na fifty(50) naira abi???...Hope you hold change?. I carry 200..Alright boss.

And with one bird like swoop, I found myself already boarding a bus going to Ikeja.

What's the address again?' This babe would just be sending me random messages that I couldn't help but feel pissed

Driver, Drop me here. At least the store won't be far from here now. Bike, Cass Superstore. Oya Enter.

Never in a million years, have I expected to see the sight I stood before. Why haven't she told me earlier?' I would be the first person in here.

And there you were. God, you are beautiful. You way more beautiful than anyone I have ever seen. Words stucked in my mouth like the rebellious child with no remorse.

Hi, can I help you?. Those words alone would get any man leaping for joy.
You most certainly can.

They say no one has control over destiny and the people we get to meet in life. Those who would sweep you off your feets and those who wouldn't care if you are about to break a neck due to the push they put you through.

Am Not a fan of puzzles but Life has got me drooling over it. Circumstances and fate brought us together even right before we knew what the day had in store.

This isn't just a detailed tale of my heart beating, but for the very fact that I got to meet you in the most unlikely places.

You never gave me a straight face or shunned me away even when words had finally ran out of my shy mouth.

Only In Time Miss


When i think of love
i think of u
I think of me
and all we could be

I think about "us"
and know that I must
and take a step back

Because this is all in my head
a story no one has read
a secret held close to my heart

So i sit and wish
and I dream of a time
that when anyone asks
I can say that you're mine

For i once heard a whisper
or perhaps just my thoughts
that I am not the only one

who wishes
and dreams
and dares to believe
that there would be an "us"
a "you and me"

And there would be a time
that when anyone asks
I can say that you're mine

That time would come
I know this,I do
just like i know
that roses are red
and violets are blue
and forever and always
I have loved you...

My Ordeal With Sandra

My Difficult Ordeal Experience
Let me start by saying I have not the slightest clue of how I became this "monster" been tagged on the head by the public.

I have always loved the female world. The beauty flowing through the very core of their veins. Every figure being carefully crafted by a skilled craftsman.

But like any other individual, the skeletons in my cupboard are yearning for expression.
Being part of a family of seven(7) with a majority of six(6) girls, I have had little

glimpses of the female world.

Though hard to decipher makes it worthwhile to watch every move and tantrums been thrown. Perceive every step and choices made. Every struggle felt a thousand times harder.
This I found out has totally affected my structure. My very being and my thinking.

My first encounter happened with Sandra the first girl I had a crush on.Totally beautiful beyond words, lips aligned to perfection.

Being in a house filled with girls, fate as twisted as she is granted me the pleasure of seeing Sandra on a daily basis.She had taken a shine to one of my sisters and she visited the house regularly.
Was this just an innocent visit being paid or she had an ulterior motive, one may never find out.

With just sixteen(16) years to my belt and Sandra celebrating her twenty fifth (25) birthday the upcoming month, one could say my crush on Sandra was a fools thought and had no anchor.

Waking up to the day at my feet with literally no work to do, i was left all alone to comb every station on the TV for the juiciest programes..practically participating in any event that fun could be perceived a mile away.

Then a knock came on the door. Being exhausted from all the meaningless activities I threw myself at, I sluggishly crawled to open the door.
Standing right in front of me was the finest creature I had ever seen.covered in a bright yellow gown transparent enough to get a bird's view of every curve, Sandra could easily be taken for an angel.

Offered to let her through the door, she went through the house with one swift glance.Knowing right now I was all alone asked if she could see my sister.
With my very being soaked in shyness and my tongue refusing to see daylight I forcefully altered words which sounded more like a whisper than 'no one is at home but me'

Determined to stay longer poured herself a drink being all familiar with the house and my dad's hidden cabinet of whiskeys
I was in the company of an angel or so I thought.An hour drifted away like it was five minutes.

Couldn't bear overloading my soul with the sight of this beauty decided to close my eyes..This I found out would be to my detriment.
Woke up to a tingly sensation. A feeling beyond any. Soft touches like the wind slapping the hairs on the back of one's neck.

Like one wanting not to get back to reality, i tried letting my eyes breathe.There was Sandra with no evidence of the angelic gown I had seen her on.
Only then did I realise that I had been tied to a bed.Pants down and my body bore na*kd for her eyes to feed upon.