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Self Discovery

Am a writer
Off course I am
I pride myself of been poetic
Invading the minds of my subjects
Leaving all spellbound
While they beg for more

With Hearts torn open.
Feelings spread across the floor
Thoughts gushing out
The very window to the mind open
I try not to bleed my *heart out*

But My quill is moving
Ink spilling
Blood flowing
Definitely no better feeling

My life is an open book
Tales rolling out
Secrets rising from the ground
Nothing holds me bound

So this is Me
Hidden beyond bare eyes
But receptive to clearer minds

If you want to know me,
Please read my thoughts
But Pay more heed to my words.

Hey Beautiful

Am never the one to apologise.
I love being in control
The feel of been powerful,
The enormous energy bursting through one's veins
And the sudden truth that makes me invisible.
It Keeps me excited
It gets me going
It's what makes me *ME*.

But Lately, 
I have lost  it all
It's all gone
The Feeling, 
The energy
Am weightless

You have taken total control
And I can't get it back. 

Your beauty engulfs my heart all Morning
Because you all I can think off
Seeing you giggle,
Has been the highlight of my dreams

I want to please you in a thousand ways possible,
Cuddle with you a million times
And tell you how beautiful you look.

Get to feel every inch of you
From your silk hair down to your face
With Hands tracing further to your waist 
Whispering into those gorgeous ears
how perfect you are.

I want to be there
every single moment the sun lights up your face
Believe you me,
Nothing could be more satisfying.

The truth is,
Nothing truly matters anymore
Not Fame
Nor Riches
Or Power
But you alone.

This shouldn't be said out loud
These words should be buried beneath my heart
Some faces won't like this
Neither would my Ex.

I have no choice.
The thought of you not knowing
Drives me crazy
I just hope these words reaches you safe.

I can't promise you anything
But this I would gladly say

Right between both night stands,
Lies a Beauty worth sacrificing all For.