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Samson! The Proverbial Son.

I spend most of my time on the net so i get to see different stories. Mind blowing ones to be precise.Here is one.Do hope you enjoy it.

My son and I have been reading the book of Judges, and we came across the story of Samson. My son immediately waved is hand dismissively, stating, "I know that story."

He's had these manga bible stories for quite some time, and references them frequently, but like I usually tell him, those are animated and much of the text is omitted.

They stick to the basics of the more well-known stories, but there is much lost if only something like that is relied on, because everything in that bible is there for a reason and a purpose.

So, knowing the basics of the story myself, I was interested to see what God might point out to me. We had already covered the beginning of Samson's story, concerning the foretelling of his birth.

So we started this particular study on chapter 14 of the book of Judges. However, I just want to dip back into the last verse of the previous chapter.
Jdg 13:25   And the Spirit of the LORD began to move him at times in the camp of Dan between Zorah and Eshtaol.

The word Dan means "A judge." Zorah means "hornet," and Eshtaol means "entreaty." It seems that this is statement of God's displeasure and his mercy in spite of His anger.

Chapter 14 opens up with Samson going down into Timnah, which means "a portion," and saw a Philistine (immigrants) woman he wanted.

When he returned, he just ordered his parents to "get her for me;" as if they were at his beck and call. This was the first thing that disturbed me about his disposition.

Stone Sculpture
 Judges 14:2   Then he came up, and told his father and mother, "I saw one of the daughters of the Philistines at Timnah; now get her for me as my wife."
I mean think about this. This guy was called to be a Nazarite for life, prior to his birth. I'm sure his parents followed what the angel instructed them to do in chapter 13, without question.

So Samson's hair was never cut. He never drank fermented drink or ate a grape of raisin a day in his life, and he was a vegetarian - he had never touched or been near anything dead

Now he's grown and is arrogant. He shows a total lack of respect for his parents in the manner in which he speaks to them.

As a man of God, a Nazarite in particular, he was separated to be holy for God. Its a spiritual thing. God intended to use him for his purposes.

The thing is, God can use anyone, but this guy was specifically set apart to be holy for God's purposes. Apparently, his being set apart caused some measure of conceitedness in Samson, because this seems to be reflected in the manner in which he treated his parents, and the arrogance he displayed
Even after his parents questioned his choice in verses 3-4, he dismissed it, but regardless of his arrogance, this was about God's intents and purposes. But his arrogance was displayed again as he and his parents were going to Timnah again to see about this woman. As they approached these vineyards, a young lion came roaring towards him.

We think that his parents ducked into the vineyard for safety per Samson's directive, and he went charging towards the lion. The reason we think this is because after he killed this lion, he didn't tell his parents what he had done.

Obviously, he was not on the path or the road when he fought and killed that lion. His parents weren't in the area with him when this happened, and I'm sure they would have reprimanded him, because, he's not supposed to be near dead things.