A Troubled Heart.

Time to swear off ladies
Time To Swear off Ladies. 

Say something.
You a player
Your friends knows this,
I know this,
Everyone knows this.

Prove me wrong for once
Be serious with me.
Do you really love me like you claim?

No girl,
I don't.
You said it already.
Am a confused being
And I can't drag you along.

Be it Love,
Or the occasional infatuation,
Life has given me a taste of it all.

Love was intoxicating at first.
And in a split second,
Hearts were shattered
Like a wineglass that holds no more use.

Feelings were crushed.
Dreams beaten down
And a hope for a future ,
Kept far from mind's eyes.

Time to swear off ladies.
I can never please any
Who can really?
Flowers don't work anymore,
Compliments does more damages
And Sweet words holds no weight.
Neither does my beloveth Poetry.

Place a foot forward Steven,
Love is all healing,
All caring,
Most definitely daring,
But never failing.
Don't you see she's different?
She cares for you greatly.
Here we go again.
That is the sound of my heart,
Making a case once more
Forcing me back to reality.

Don't you care just a little?
Don't you?
It's been a whole year now,
And she has stucked around.
Absorbing in all tantrums
Yet, never dishing them back.

Don't be a fool again
Hold her close.
And never let go.

Am sorry Love,
I truly would love nothing else.

I don't know what I want anymore
Life has got me twisted up.
And am in no mood to disentangle myself.