Happy New Year!

I needed to start with those sweet words.

I must confess that the year 2016 hasn't truly been one of the easiest periods in my life. Quite a lot of up's and a some minute glances depicting the down times.

Family had been in the best of conditions (thank God for that)

Straight to the point now. Am going count my blessings ( at least the few ones i can  list out during the entire month) and you have zero choice but to count it with me.

That been said,


New Year Resolutions was the bomb. I probably made a million promises. :).

Did I really keep to any? I hate to start the New Year with lies.

So, am just going jump into a conclusion that i broke every single one of them.

But January showered me with lots of love though. I started work with a pay quite higher than the Minimum wage..Lol.

Master David
Celebrated another year that was added to the cap of one of my brothers. This simply means more drinking, crazy packed fun etc.

Let me open up this appreciation day with the biggest boss of all time...Name; David Benz..


What really happened in February?' Can someone please remind me???

Just kidding. I do remember.

Wedding service
Michael And Steven!
Brother got a new job worth millions annually.

Meanwhile, my life was escaping the shackles of Stagnation in my life.


Welcome to the best month ever. A Month that has been neatly tucked nicely in the Calender.

Steven! Founder Of Stevenzworld
Am not just saying this because it happens to be my birth month, but it happens to be the birth month of three more of my siblings.

Newton Weds Ebi.
Newton got married on the 23rd of

March. A day so close to my own birth date (24th).

I have never had so much fun in one day

Just so you know, He got married to Ebi Agho..One very Fine and Sexy Cinderella


The usual April Fools Prank hasn't even  gone out of existence..

I got planked hard by my little cousin..She got me real good.

I was almost forced to whoop her Ass but that would only fuel her passion to tease me all through the year.

Also got separated from one of the craziest and Amazing Soul on planet earth..That was rough on my fragile heart.


Started the healing process. Who knew breakups has such massive impact on the mind.

Made new friends that turned Family.. Names worthy of mentions are Osatuyi, Aderonke, Colik from the famous Nairaland.

Was almost leaving out TrapQueen77 (she is bae)..


This month came with the speed of light and disappeared likewise.

The third day of June was Sayo's Birthday..Even though I had her number, some unforseen reasons kinda hid it perfectly from my eyes.

The Boss Himself (Ibukun)
Ibukun's Birthday was placed on the Nineteen.

Ikeja City Mall (Shoprite) was his request..

Had no choice but to honor it.

Iremide's birthday party
Miss Iremide

The Most Expensive Iremide's birthday was this month too...

If she doesn't celebrate it, who will???...


God spared my life and that of my family, friends and loved ones.

That can literally be my testimony for the month..

Moyin Adedayo
Miss Moyin Adedayo
I did get to meet Miss Moyin Adedayo.

Awesome Personality packed with Crazy fun..

Couldn't just let her go. Lol.

Damilola famuyiwa's Birthday.
Miss Damilola


Yeah..Who forgets  Mother and Daughter's birthday???.
 Definitely not me.

August 10th had two birthdays to celebrate..Eki and her daughter (Damilola).

Also, work was extremely hectic..

Apparently I have been having crazy fun and nature decided to pump the breaks on me..


This month was lit. Jossy finally had the opportunity to travel out of the country.

Got a different job offer filled with mouth watering packages. I had no option than to jump into the moving train.

The office was alright. Compared to the first, I had free time to be a better man. Come up with crazy ideas and make more money.

After all, It is actually the money ish we all chasing in life.


I remember this month vividly like it was yesterday.

Nigeria independent day
Independence Day Celebration
Our darling Country Nigeria celebrated her independence with style.

Even though the economic hardship was telling seriously on the people, the black man always finds a way to have fun.

Dora Agho's Birthday
Big Mumsi

Mom's Birthday was on the fourth of October..

Am just glad she got to celebrate another full year.


The Boss birthday was on the 7th. Newton made it worth  it.

Did a charity event for the Tony Elumelu Foundation Program. Got to make lots of contacts and friends.

New ideas creeping in and having a great insight that Entrepreneurship is the way forward for an individual to excel in a country such as Nigeria.


The last day of the month came with lots of blessings. Starting with the whole family taking a vacation outside of the Country.

Got to spend the whole month with dad and mom. Fun was sure.

charity foundation
Charity And All It's Benefits
I finally went to the Orphanage home. Gave out belongings of mine.

Most refreshing moment of my life.

Thanks for going through my year with me.. I hope 2017 holds more goodies to each and everyone else.



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