Merry Christmas all.

Merry Christmas
Hello StevenLytes,
Yes I believe it's time I give a name to this awesome set of individuals that has been faithful in consuming every article written with great delight. 

Thank you so much.

That been said, the 25th of December has always been a remarkable day in  the life of Christians all over the globe.

The birth of Jesus Christ has always been celebrated wholeheartedly.

To be frank, this day in particular has remained my favourite. Owing mainly to the chain of events that takes place (and I aren't just talking about item

Mom's meals are always extraordinary prepared. Grilled Chicken, baked cake, gifts unwrapping etcetera. 

Christmas Meal
Quite a shame this doesn't happen twice or thrice a year..

This year, the whole family couldn't come together due to work schedules, flight travelling schedules suddenly canceled and most importantly, this Buhari's led government has not been fair to our pockets... (Not to worry tho,  the Black Man always knows how to survive)

Am definitely going bombard you love ones with photos. So, you just going key into my experience today.

Am stuck with Mom and Dad, friends and neighbours and a girlfriend am proud to be cuffed with.

I went to church like all Christians do..Just to Let the big guy know that am appreciative of him keeping all my belongings intact. Message was awesome I must confess even though I was a little bit late...

Do Stick around for more updates..Let me Go steal some chicken.  :)



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