Hidden turmoil and Silent Cries The Students of Western Delta University Are Facing

I should clearly state that this is totally absurd and clearly haven't been heard of in any sound educational institution across the globe.

Before I pour out my total grievances against this institution, a brief introduction is necessary for those who are not familiar with the name.

Western Delta University

Western Delta University is located in Oghara, Delta State, Nigeria. It was established in 2007 and is a private university.

Oghara University

The Vision of Western Delta University is to serve as a first rate institution committed to the pursuit of excellence in all areas of academic learning, technology development and social service

Normally, I would commend the above statement if not for the fact that my attention has just been drawn to the recent happenings within the school.
It has been confirmed by various sources that the school is quite fond of telling students whom the senate has approved their results, mobilized for nysc, given statement of result and call up letters that they have carryovers whenever they're coming to collect their transcript

My question here is where in the world has anyone heard of a situation such as this?

I mean back when I was about writing my finals,the rest of my course mates and I were made known about our academical standings prior to graduation in order not to gain false hopes on the said day.

One could only imagine that after all the celebrations and thanksgivings for being able to scale through a four or a five year programme without any bad experiences like the proverbial "Seeds falling by the way sides*, you are given the biggest shock of your life that your journey hasn't even ended and you are needed to complete whatever course you "might" not be owing or perhaps courses that has been waved/cleared earlier by the Senate Board.

Close sources has informed me that a student is even about to sue the university as I write this article.

The educational system in Nigeria shouldn't be this epileptic and the responsible bodies governing the University Organizations like the National Universities Commission should please wake up and put these "institutions" in check.

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