Fast Selling Novel Titled Falling.

The next few days were made in heaven. It was not like any she had experienced. Mark lying next to her with arms wrapped perfectly round her curvy hips, time should stop right here and now. She jokingly entertained the thought.

With lips pressed together, he couldn't stop staring at her.
Is anything wrong Mark?
You tell me miss Sarah. How did I end up this lucky?" Am in bed with the most beautiful creature I have had the pleasure of knowing.

Skin so soft, lips dipped in honey. Body carved to perfection, i should paint you naked right here and now, That way, I get to stare at you all day while longing for your touch.

Stop it Mark. She quickly looked sideways trying to hide that little Joy bursting from every pore on her face.

We both know you have had your fair share of models and beauty Queens. I highly doubt it that I could upstage any one of them you have been with.

I hate to play the role of being innocent but right this moment, you worth more than all the lots put together.
Wow, How consoling. You totally unbelievable. I should let you know, is ok to lie once in a while. Least you hurt one's feelings.

Am so sorry love, it was never my intention to do that.
Never mind. I should get back to work. I have taken quite a number of days off. Don't get me wrong, this has been exciting but all good things always comes to an end.

Stay a little longer please. The bed gets cold when you leave.
Really funny but you not talking me out of this. I can't afford to loose working at Steven's. We don't all have trust funds you know.
I intend taking that as a compliment. Okay, get dress. Am taking you to work.

How sweet. But that won't be necessary. Am a big girl and I can take care of myself.

Alright then, do have fun.
Seriously?" Mark, you really do have alot to learn about the female world and not just a flattering tongue. A piece of advice. In the future, when a girl says no please do insist.

I can never get a grip on how women think.You all are a handful to handle.But I can never moan about how gifted you lots are either.
Great.That settles it then. You should thank your stars am here. I get to teach you some few tricks.

They both burst into laughter while giving in to a deep and passionate kiss.