The law of attraction is one wicked weapon. Whatever you wish for in one's mind has a way of coming into existence.

Folks, You need to see me clicking on answers like they were one delicate egg that could crack at any point in time. Going through a question twice, even thrice just to be sure I picked the right answer.

Are you done??..You could click on the submit button and your score would appear immediately.

No thanks.Am not ready to force my fate yet.Let the time run itself.
Is there an Uyi here??..Yes please.
Am sorry. You scored forty-eight(48%).Just two marks shy from the cutoff mark.You would have to go home now.Do try again next year.

Boy was I sad.But It was nothing I wasn't prepared to hear.but 2marks?.that's something.

Heyy..Mind if we walk together?. One of the female applicants called out.Not a problem.
Am Sandra. You??..Steven please.
Tell me Steven, how badly would you like to be here.
To be honest, am really not a fan. I plan of going to Amadu Bello. Be far away from family.

That's nice.You have a choice. I for one could kill to be here.
Because the babe was looking all sad, I thought both of us were in the same sinking boat. So I planned of sparing her feelings by not asking if she made it.

Back to where all parents were gathered, my sister's husband saw me not smiling and knew immediately something had gone wrong. [I had to put up that face of regret in order not to be caught happy]

I scored 48%. Just two marks away from the cutoff. I said with little tears now trying to escape my eye lids.