Hey Everyone.

Let me start by saying thank you all. For your total support and daily contributions to this idea called Stevenzworld.

I have written quite a number of poems now and I believe they don't suck (that much). So I decided to try my hand on something new....WRITE A NOVEL.
Do take a look at the first chapter and let me know if I should stop right now before I embarrass myself any further.
Thanks once again...Oh...least I forget..MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL.


Falling in love has always been sarah's dream.The thought of having the perfect man she could cuddle with every night just sends shills down her spine.
For a girl who grew up a mile away from civilization, is not a surprise she has found life difficult in making new friends.Back at her hometown where laws where meant to be broken and teenage girls being raped was branded a norm, Sarah barely escaped the brutality and was forced to flee to the city at the age of nineteen.

Alice her only friend which some might say her best friend because they were always found together was brutally raped by her uncle who then slit her throat in order to keep the truth of his shameful act from coming into limelight.A terrible ordeal which Sarah has not fully recovered from.
Having nightmares and seizures at late hours of the night, she decided to get as far away from everyone she once knew.

Fast forward a few years into the future, Sarah has grown into womanhood. At the age of twenty four she started her very own company which deals in international travelling arrangements and customs.
For the first three years of her great escape from home, she had found life to be unbearable and unforgiving. Having to sleep at the train station and working as a clerk for Mr Steven's, she barely could make rent for a decent apartment not to mention paying her tuition fees for bussiness school.
Now she has gotten her life together and has made an empire out of nothing.

It has been two long years she had ever truly loved a man.Mark from bussiness school had looked like the one.A young black man from Nigeria. Trim beards,deep voice and a body deeped in chocolate, Mark was every woman's dream.

It was at a particular school function she first ever took real notice of him.Dressed in all white and looking as classy as ever with a winning smile that could charm any damsel off her feet, he made a pass at her.

May I buy you a drink miss Sarah?

Shocked at the mere fact he even knew her name made her drop the half empty martini cup she was holding.I didn't mean to scare you he replied but I just had a little hunch you might drop that so I took it upon myself to refill the lady's drink.

As she looked totally in awe and completely lost for words, she could only mumble out one line of words.
How do you know my name she asked, waiting for him to make up a quick lie.He spoke almost immediately.

Am Mark.We both attend business classes together and from what I have observed you are one smart lady.

Now tell me miss Sarah, who in his right mind won't want to get to know this beautiful lady and possibly get her something to drink after all, we are here to have fun and shove the thoughts of books and thesis down that little hole in our mind where all things UN-pleasurable do resides.
And that was it. A little giggle and a little more to drink than expected, Mark had charmed the socks off her feet.

How come I have never noticed you in any of the classes you supposedly claim we both attend?
With a cheap smile that looked more of sincerity than just being polite, he took quite some time in answering.

I believe is because you not like most girls in the class who cares about looks and popularity.Not to mention you always into your books and term papers. You barely had time to notice anything else.
I guess that's true she said. Am I that really involved in my work?

Not at all miss.Let's just say you make everyone of us to stop partying and get us carrying a book pack every time.
I have been meaning to ask you something miss Sarah but am quite shy.

Go ahead.I promise not to bite. At least not when am this drunk.They both laughed.
I was hoping I could buy you a real drink someday and not just some liquid in a plastic cup. Would totally make this night one to remember if you say yes.

Yea sure.You certainly have done alot by keeping me company she replied.Between the two of us, I barely know anyone here. Thought it was best to take time off work and professor Newton promised me an extra credit if I showed my face.

An extra credit?.Jeez Sarah, I should meet you up for tutoring and maybe, just maybe I would get the chance to steal your secret on how you stay this focused and committed to your work.
Wow.I finally figured out why you so popular.You have a way with words especially when it comes to women.

Not entirely true if I should be honest. It only happens if the lady is beautiful, intelligent and caring. So far, I have never been able to cross paths with such a person until you rose your pen for the first time to give that adorable speech you gave on "financial discipline and how it affects the Economy at large.

From that moment, I knew I had to get to know this woman.She could be the link I have been missing for a long time now.

Blushing profusely from both ends of her cheeks, she unwillingly took her eyes off him.You have had alot to drink Mark. We should start leaving now. Afterall, the party is getting lame already.
You most definitely right miss Sarah.What am i saying,You always right. But am in no position to get behind the wheels.

I may be all charming and thick but a real man should always know when to tell the truth and know his limits. Funny i could only remember to do one today.

They both burst into laughter as she helped him into the back of a taxi. Thanks for the night Mark. It has been the best I have had in years.
Glad I could be of service to my lady.This definitely means you owe me one. He laughed heavily and immediately dozed off.