Staying Illuminated.The Right Key to Finding Your Bright Purpose in Life

Would apologise to my beloved readers about this inspirational thoughts today but i felt it is highly needed.

In a world trying to break you, one needs to raise his or her spirit up.

I want to share this truth with you. I know many of us as healers, light workers, and solopreneurs get told that we need to be, "more realistic," and that we have to let go of the "woo-woo" and get with the program already.

Well, I want to leave you with this inspiration to keep in mind. You're here for a purpose and especially if others can't see that, you should see it.

There will be people who will try to dim your light and pull you back down to "earth." Where "real shit" is happening.

Sometimes you might even catch yourself falling out of your own orbit, from the emotional weight that they carry and are throwing at you. See past their illusion.

For some people it is too painful to see shining lights in the sky, when their world is crumbling, dark, and filled with limiting beliefs.

It forces them to have to change something in their own lives, and evaluate what's "real." And when it comes down to it, most people would rather justify their fears and "reality" than change.

Because the biggest leap of faith in life is choosing what to believe and then following it with action.

The moment that you believe in the love and light within you, you'll see the true reality.

You'll feel lighter and brighter, until you become so light on your feet and so bright with love that you'll find yourself in your true Galaxy.

Among the stars! Greatness is calling. Let that be your focus


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