momentum. The Race Against Resistance

"The path of least resistance leads to crooked rivers and crooked men."
                      -- Henry David Thoreau
I have a reputation.
All of my life I've been known in my circles as "the one with the willpower."
"I wish I had your discipline," they'd say.
I'm the guy that has always risen early. Army PT, work, whatever. Set your clock to it.
I'm the guy who stops after one scoop of ice cream. "I just wanted the taste. I've had enough."
I don't miss workouts. I just don't. I may have to do it later or earlier than planned. I may have to do it at home instead of in class. But I do it.
And for over 3 years now, I've written almost every day.
My secret? I take Resistance with me wherever I go. Well, more like she follows me. I've tried to shake her, but she's always there. But I know she's there, and always will be, so I plan on this.
We're attached at the hip, and despite what family and friends think of my iron willpower, sometimes she does win. Sometimes I wolf down a bowl of ice cream. Once a month I do hit the Snooze button. Workouts have been skipped, and writing days have too.
But I've won many more times than she has, because I learned something a long time ago.
Momentum matters.
Resistance uses it too. It's a jump ball, and we both want it. Me, to do good. Her, evil.
Everyday is a jump ball against Resistance.
If a few days click by and I haven't had any ice cream within my reach, I forget about it. I lose interest.

Watch out.
If I (foolishly) reason with Resistance, watch how fast the tide turns on me. One day skips to the next, and now Resistance has me down on the mat. She's covering me in full guard, and I have to squirm like hell to fight my way out and get back my working rhythm.
So I keep wearing her down. Everyday. I don't wait for "when I feel like it." I don't wait for "inspiration." Inspiration is for the amateur. That's someone else, not me.

My writing could be crap. My body could be tired and crapped out. That's fine. But I'd rather do my thing crappy, than not do it at all. Crappy still says I win. And I'm not too proud to win that way.
So I string those days together because momentum gives me a shot, a blessed shot, at beating Resistance.