Escaping The Comfort Zone! The Butterfly: Becoming Wildly Free

Hi. Am a lover of animals and birds. Mostly anything with wings.So is only fair i use one of my favorite winged creature.

Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of a butterfly as she pushes herself out of the cocoon?

There's definitely a choice she has to make: To stay in the cocoon or to burst herself outwards.

If she decides to stay, she will surely die. Her cocoon can't feed her anymore. But a dilemma pops up, her cocoon is all she knows.

She's felt the cocoon, seen the cocoon, been fed by the cocoon. And though she isn't satisfied with living in the cocoon anymore, she can't fully trust anything else.

Outside the cocoon is a mystery, and she can't see what's out there. All she has is the instinctual call to leave for that new sacred space.

The truth is, if she pushes through, past the comfort of the cocoon, she'll find a world that was made for her.

Filled with flowers, abundance, and new heights for her to fly up into. It feels uncomfortable, the life of the butterfly, opening and expanding her space of influence, finding herself outgrowing the space that has brought her to this moment.

But what's more uncomfortable is shrinking back and trying to fit into a space that she's outgrown.

The lesson we can learn from the beautiful butterfly is: We weren't meant to live in cocoons.

We weren't meant to live in our comfort zones. We aren't meant to shrink and fit a mold.

Collapsing our wings and shrinking back to the life of a caterpillar, grounded, small, and directionless.

It's not a natural occurrence in nature. So why do some of us do it? Throughout our lives we need to let go of our old selves, our old stories, so we can evolve into the next version of ourselves.

That's what really is natural, logical, and appropriate! The past is no longer your story,
To my beloved readers, run far away from whatever tempts to weaken your budding wings