Dreams! The Pursuit Of Happiness.

Hey guys!. I do hope you get motivated with this short article.

I never wanted a dream so bad but this made me cry. I seriously thought I faced the end of my life when things finally started looking like the end.

I thought I died. There are many things to pursue in this world. But the things that are hardest to attain become possible to you when someone finally gets it - naturally.

I tapped into God's best. But I am just scratching the surface.

Loving what you do is what matters. Reasons uncover purpose. It is what makes someone wake up every morning with intention. And another day is fulfilled.

The daily grind can take its course. But it cannot take away reason. Your reason takes you to another dimension. It takes you forward.

My reasons are simple. To give glory to God, to honor my parents, support my siblings and make them happy. What I do in my life surrounds these reasons. As long as I achieve them daily, I am content. I am complete.

People have big wants and big dreams. That is good. Yet I have a greater pursuit. I want to live up to my reasons.. and soar. Because I have been given abundantly,

I should give abundantly. Because I have been enlightened, I should bless. Today, I am full of realistic dreams and the tangible, realistic plans to achieve them.

Today, I am stepping on a new journey without the baggage. The only things I carry are wisdom and skill.

I can say today, there is more that I can do for myself and for people who sincerely believe they are in need of help.

Truly, there is a life to live while we dwell here. And it is more than what we complacently settle for. Don't we all want this? Don't you think it is worth a try?

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